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If you could sell your home faster, for more money, would you consider hiring a Professional Home Stager? Want to get organized, minimize chaos, and create peace of mind. Newhouse Staging & Design is ready to assist!

Having your home professionally staged is the first step in connecting online buyers to your home.  Beautifully staged photos are essential for getting offers - they help buyers emotionally connect to your space.  A well-staged home is the key to your home-selling success.  Our formally trained and certified stagers know exactly what to do to make your home appealing to the majority of home buyers.  Plus, we research and understand the buyer demographic and real estate market for the areas we serve (western Loudoun County & surrounding WV & MD areas.)  We love helping homeowners outshine their selling competition; and, when we team up with our local realtors, it creates a win-win situation for everyone!

Are you tired of "builder's-white" walls? Need a fresh, updated look? Want help selecting the perfect color palette? Color is complicated - let our expert color consultant guide your eye.

Don't  risk costly, time consuming paint-choice mistakes by guessing at which colors to use.  As certified Professional Color Experts, we use a 6-step-color-read process to select a modern, beautiful color scheme that blends with your current furnishings/finishes.  Our process helps avoid common color mistakes that are easy to make, like "pink or purple" tinted walls - unless that's what you are going for! 

We'll choose colors for a few rooms in your home or a complete, whole-house- color-makeover!  As color and design specialists, we understand that color and design go hand-in-hand.  So, we include valuable, practical, and functional "Design Tips" to incorporate into your new color scheme, as well.  You will be amazed at how elegant and updated your home looks just by adding a beautifully-coordinated color palette!  

Are you ready for a change in décor? Need an update?  We work with all budgets - small or large, we customize spaces to fit your needs & personal style!

Our interior styling and redesign services help to create a retreat for your family to live and enjoy your home.  We work with you to custom-create personal spaces that are organized, beautiful, relaxing, and the perfect reflection of you!   We focus on your specific needs and budget to create a plan that works for you.  You won't believe what we can do to bring in style, organization, and function to you home.  You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

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Get More!

Home Staging statistics continue to show the overwhelming benefits of hiring a  professional home stager.  You can increase your return on investment, bring in more buyer traffic as a result of tastefully-staged photos on MLS, and help move your property in fewer days than your competition.  Yes, it is worth your time & money!

Make a Plan!

If you're preparing to sell your home or make design changes to your new or existing home, we can help you get organized and execute a detailed plan.  We will deliver a customized, budget- friendly plan showing you the steps involved in creating the perfect layout to Stage your home to sell or Redesign your home to stay and enjoy the scenery.  You'll love the results!

Get Color!

 Need a lift?   Enhance your home's look and feel with new, modern shades of paint.  When you select "updated" colors for your home, you're not only creating a beautiful living space,  you're also increasing your home's value. 

One of the most cost-effective and easy improvements that a homeowner can make is to update their home  using modern shades of paint.  The impact of paint is substantial!  And, you'll be a step ahead when you're ready to sell! 

So, no time like the present to create, live in, and love, your "color perfect home!"

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We add fresh flowers to your home.


After deciding to sell our home of 50 years, we were unsure of how to proceed. Pam, from Newhouse Home Interiors, came to our aid. She designed a time line for us to follow to help stay focused and organized through the home selling process. Her advise and recommendations on how to best display our existing furnishings was crucial. Her paint selections were elegant & inviting, and blended well throughout our home. Pam took time to demonstrated how to declutter, downsize, and organize our many years of cherished belonging. We sold our home quickly - received a full priced offer. Thank you!


 As I was preparing to move into my new-built home, I decided that I needed help selecting the finishes.  I contacted Pam to help with my selections and décor.  We coordinated a color scheme and chose paint that meshed well with my existing furniture fabrics.  We chose ceramic tile , accent tile, and granite for my kitchen and bath.   Pam had great suggestions for flooring and cabinets, as well.  We brought in the accessories, and everything came together nicely.  Everyone comments about my home being so beautiful.  I owe it all to my very knowledgeable decorator Pam.


We provide professional home staging services to Western Loudoun County.  I am proud to be an HSR Certified professional home stager serving Western Loudoun County!  I have successfully completed the most extensive, RESA Accredited, home staging certification course in the world.